Top Cyber Security Companies in the UK

The world today is dominated by digital innovation; from cloud computing to the Internet of Things, technology is advancing every day. Companies are eager to adopt the latest technology to their work environment to boost productivity. While technological advancement is always good, it can sometimes lead to unwanted headaches if not secured. For the thriving tech ecosystem, there are a multitude of cyber security companies at the forefront to defend against evolving digital threats. The United Kingdom is amongst the best places for cyber security enthusiasts as it houses the best companies in the business. What are the parameters that make a cyber security company rank among the top 20 on the list? Well, in this blog, we will look into that and find out the top 20 cyber security companies in the UK.

Parameters that Help Define the Best Cyber Security Companies

Cyber security is a field that has been around for a few years but has gained tremendous popularity after the rise in cyber attacks. The 2019 pandemic escalated the situation, and suddenly, cyber security was the only thing every company was talking about. Well, with the high demand, there were several security companies that came to the forefront to defend the world against cyber threats. These companies were declared the best in the industry based on specific criteria and parameters. The parameters that help define the best cyber security companies are:

  • Innovation and Technology Integration
  • Threat Intelligence and Research
  • Incident Response and Recovery
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Adherence to Regulatory Compliance
  • Client Trust and Reputation
  • Global Reach and Impact
  • Training and Education Programs

Top 20 Cyber Security Companies in the UK

Companies that contributed to innovation in cyber security, helped stay ahead of emerging threats, incorporated cutting-edge technologies, contributed to the global community via research, proved their expertise in specific fields, etc., made the list of top 20 cyber security companies. The top 20 companies excelled across the outlined parameters, embodying the qualities that make them the avengers of cyber security in the UK. Let’s take a closer look at each of these companies and what they offer.

1. Darktrace

Darktrace specialises in using artificial intelligence to detect and respond to cyber threats in real time. It is known for providing innovative solutions for a variety of cyber security issues, including threats to the cloud environment, IoT devices, network infrastructure, industrial systems, etc.

  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Founding Year: 2013
  • Cyber Security Categories: AI-driven threat detection and cyber defence.

2. Ernst & Young (EY)

Ernst & Young (EY) offers a range of cyber security services, including risk management, consulting, and advisory, helping businesses navigate the complexities of cyber security. They strive to create a better working world and have been digital pioneers in the fight for data privacy and other security issues.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Founding Year: 1989
  • Cyber Security Categories: Consulting, risk management, and advisory services.

3. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PricewaterhouseCoopers provides comprehensive cyber security services, offering strategic advice, risk management, and consulting to help organisations secure their digital assets. They are well known for their work in acclimatising companies to the ever-changing digital world. Their strong suits are management, risk and technological consulting.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Founding Year: 1998
  • Cyber Security Categories: Advisory, consulting, and risk management.

4. GoAllSecure

GoAllSecure is one of the leading cybersecurity solution providers in the world. With a presence across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, they assess organisations’ assets and find adequate solutions to stay resilient against modern threats, prioritising cyber regulations. They focus on improving cyber security awareness through innovative training solutions and simulations, helping organisations build a resilient cyber security culture.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Founding Year: 2022
  • Cyber Security Categories: Offensive Security, Penetration Testing, Rd Team Exercises, Cloud Security.

5. BAE Systems

BAE Systems specialises in providing advanced cyber security solutions, including threat intelligence and cyber defence, to protect against evolving cyber threats. They are one of the most advanced cyber security service providers. Their primary focus is to provide technology-led solutions to defence, aerospace and security companies.

  • Location: Farnborough, UK
  • Founding Year: 1999
  • Cyber Security Categories: Cyber defense, threat intelligence.

6. Qualysec

Qualysec is known for its expertise in vulnerability management and security assessments. They are penetration testing service providers that help organisations identify and address potential weaknesses in their systems. They lean towards process-based and prevention-based approaches for security testing.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Founding Year: 2020
  • Cyber Security Categories: Vulnerability management, security assessments and incident response.

7. SecureWorks

SecureWorks is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. It provides managed security services and threat intelligence to organisations globally. They offer proactive cyber security solutions for advanced threat protection and response. They pride themselves on their superior detection and unmatched response timings when it comes to dealing with cyber threats.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Founding Year: 1999
  • Cyber Security Categories: Managed security services, threat intelligence.

8. Claranet Cyber Security

Claranet Cyber Security delivers a range of cyber security services, including managed security services and consulting. They help businesses secure their digital infrastructure and realise their business dreams. They have a global presence and are known for providing services like penetration testing, hacking training and managed security services.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Founding Year: 1996
  • Cyber Security Categories: Managed security services, consulting.

9. NCC Group

NCC Group is a true global cyber security consulting and risk management leader. They offer various services to help organisations strengthen their security posture. These services include assessment and advisory, detection & response, compliance and training. They also work with multiple industries all across the globe.

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Founding Year: 1999
  • Cyber Security Categories: Cyber security consulting, risk management.

10. Kroll

Kroll is a part of the Duff & Phelps family of companies. It specialises in cyber risk management and incident response, providing comprehensive solutions to address and mitigate cyber security threats. Not only that, but they provide their clients with risk and financial advisory solutions based on data analytics and their unique insights.

  • Location: NY, NY, USA
  • Founding Year: 1932
  • Cyber Security Categories: Cyber risk management, incident response.

11. Clearswift

Clearswift, just like its parent organisation Fortra, is a leader in the cyber security industry. It focuses on data loss prevention, email security solutions, etc., to help organisations safeguard their sensitive information. They are known for their innovative and scalable solutions to complex cyber security challenges.

  • Location: Theale, UK
  • Founding Year: 1982
  • Cyber Security Categories: Data loss prevention, email security.

12. Sophos

Sophos is a leading provider of endpoint security solutions and encryption services, offering comprehensive protection against a wide range of cyber threats. They are prominently known for their comprehensive suite of security solutions. Their offerings include advanced endpoint protection, next-gen firewalls, and network security.

  • Location: Abingdon, UK
  • Founding Year: 1985
  • Cyber Security Categories: Endpoint security, encryption.

13. SentryBay

SentryBay specialises in secure browsing and endpoint protection solutions, providing innovative tools to enhance online security. They focus on protecting users from online threats, including phishing and malware, ensuring a secure digital experience. Their advanced protection for hybrid and remote work cultures has been game-changing.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Founding Year: 2001
  • Cyber Security Categories: Secure browsing, endpoint protection.

14. Foxcube IT

Foxcube IT is a cyber security company that provides consulting and training services. They work with organisations to enhance their cyber security posture through strategic consulting and training programs. Their security services include IT support, IT services, Microsoft cloud solutions, etc.

  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Founding Year: 2016
  • Cyber Security Categories: Penetration testing, cyber security consulting.

15. Pentest People

Pentest People specialises in penetration testing and security assessments. They assist organisations in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in their systems through ethical hacking and comprehensive security testing. Their goal is to make pen testing simple and accessible to reduce the risks an organisation faces eventually.

  • Location: Leeds, UK
  • Founding Year: 2018
  • Cyber Security Categories: Penetration testing and security assessments.

16. Nettitude

Nettitude is a part of the Lloyd’s Register Group, and it offers a range of cyber security services to its clients. These services include managed security services, penetration testing, and incident response. They focus on delivering tailored solutions to address evolving cyber threats. They are a top choice for a security partner for 100os of organisations worldwide.

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Founding Year: 2003
  • Cyber Security Categories: Managed security services, penetration testing, and incident response.

17. MDSec

MDSec specialises in cyber security training, consulting, and research. They provide organisations with expert guidance and training to enhance their cyber security capabilities, covering a wide range of security domains. They are globally trusted advisors for several companies, and rightfully so.

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Founding Year: 2011
  • Cyber Security Categories: Cyber security training, consulting, and research.

18. Invicti

Invicti, formerly known as Netsparker, is a cyber security company focused on web application security testing. Their automated web vulnerability scanning solutions help organisations identify and remediate security issues in their web applications.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Founding Year: 2009
  • Cyber Security Categories: Web application security testing.

19. Trustwave

Trustwave is a Singtel company based in the USA. They offer a range of cyber security services, including managed security services, threat detection, and compliance solutions. They assist organisations in navigating the complex landscape of cyber security threats and regulatory requirements.

  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Founding Year: 1995
  • Cyber Security Categories: Managed security services, threat detection, and compliance.

20. Coalfire

Coalfire is a cyber security company specialising in consulting, risk management, and compliance services. They work with organisations to build and maintain secure and compliant cyber security programs. They are known for their expertise in employing cutting-edge solutions to complex security issues. That is why top cloud infrastructure providers, enterprises, and SaaS companies trust Coalfire.

  • Location: Westminster, USA
  • Founding Year: 2001
  • Cyber Security Categories: Cyber security consulting, risk management, and compliance.

As the threat landscape evolves, securing the digital future for businesses and individuals has become very important. Selecting a trustworthy partner is the crucial first step in the current fast-paced world of cyber threats. You can use our list of the top 20 cybersecurity companies in the UK as a guide to help you identify the best company that suits your needs. These companies are at the top because of their commitment to innovation, research, and client protection. They offer customised services made to meet the demands of specific businesses. With the help of the best cybersecurity experts in the UK, protect your digital assets and strengthen your cyber security posture.