API Security

Manage Software Risks Effectively with API Security
Security for application programming interfaces (APIs) is the process of reducing attacks on APIs. As they serve as the foundation for the backend of both mobile and online applications. Therefore, it is essential to safeguard the private information that people and organisations transfer.
API security testing involves checking the endpoints of the API for security and dependability. This ensures that an application programme interface (API) complies with an organisation’s best practices.
API security testing checks off fundamental security criteria, such as those of user access, encryption, and authentication. The goal of API scanning is to provide inputs that would cause an API to exhibit errors and illogical behaviour, basically imitating the behaviours and attack methods of would-be hackers.
Got Questions Related to API Security

What is API?

An API or Application Programme Interface, is a technique that permits
communication between two software systems.
For instance, not all of the names of the streets, towns, cities, restaurants, movie theatres, and other
landmarks are stored in your phone’s Google Maps programme. Instead, it establishes a connection to
another Google server-based application that holds all of that data. An API is used to enable this
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API security has become more crucial, especially with
the growth of IoT. Between users, APIs, and
the programmes and systems they use, sensitive and
important data is transmitted. An otherwise safe
computer or network can be easily breached by
hackers using an unsecured API. Man-in-the-middle
(MITM), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS),
injection, and broken access control attacks are all

How are APIs Abused? 

The Application Programming Interface is secure by default. Difficulties arise as a result of the
enormous volume of APIs deployed. Additionally, a lack of API development expertise and a failure to
take into account web and cloud API security requirements may result in API vulnerabilities.

Here is a list of the top 10 API risks

Broken Object Level Authorisation

Broken Authentication

Broken Object Property Level Authorisation

Unrestricted Resource Consumption

Broken Function Level Authorisation

Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows

Server-Side Request Forgery

Security Misconfiguration

Improper Inventory Management

Unsafe Consumption of APIs

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