Web Application Security

The security of a web application is very critical for your organization or business. A web application penetration service tests the vulnerabilities in the architecture and configuration of the app. To prevent data exposure and unauthorized access, you have to stay ready with security.

Vulnerabilities in the web app are different from common network vulnerabilities. A web app interacts with many users on a regular basis, and that is why it is an easy target for malicious attackers. With our foolproof services, your business will get secured from every cyber threat, and you can run web applications smoothly.

Our security experts will monitor the web app and analyze patterns of the attacks with regular scanning to take precise steps to avoid any data breach.

We keep you away and safe from DDoS, XSS, SQLi, clickjacking and other security misconfigurations, and every other potential attack that your web application might face.

Why do you need a web application security service

Web Applications linger with common security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

  • Loss of sensitive data
  • Usage of default or weak credentials
  • Injection vulnerabilities (XSS, SQLi etc)
  • Service disruption (DoS)
  • Vulnerabilities leading to data breaches
  • Other OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Buisness Logic flaws

Our web app security services include

This assessment focuses and aims to find flaws and weaknesses on your applications. Steps include

  • Scoping and Planning
  • Information Gathering
  • Assessment Execution
  • Reporting
  • Retesting