Our Cyber Security Services Will
Secure Your Healthcare Business

The healthcare industry is attached to every individual, and cyber criminals are targeting this sector as it is one of the easy targets for attacks like ransomware. GoAllSecure provides security assessment for healthcare business models and analyses network data and security levels with penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

With significant changes and complexities in the internet infrastructure, cyber threats are increasing. The healthcare industry needs to adapt according to changes and keep data secure.

Our cyber field experts assess internal and external vulnerabilities and make your platform or organisation perform tasks safely. It helps in the betterment of overall security posture without disrupting any medical device.

The patient data will stay secure, and all healthcare systems will have a backup to avoid data loss in case of a ransomware attack. Both private and government sector healthcare organisations need cyber services that help in enhancing data security and protect data.

What we do to keep your healthcare business secure

GoAllSecure educates your staff and prevents every cyber threat that can harm your healthcare business model.

  • Protecting sensitive patient information
  • IoT device security risks management
  • Respond to data breaches
  • Identifying vulnerabilities and risk assessment
  • Protecting specialist systems
  • Monitoring clinical devices

Types of cyber-attacks on the healthcare industry

Cyber attacks are used to take control of medical devices and steal patients’ data.

  • Phishing and spam
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Data breaches
  • DoS and DDoS attacks
  • Remote access risks
  • Loss of compliance