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GoAllSecure is a global cyber security services & solutions provider, offering a full spectrum of assurance and advisory consulting to governments and private sector organisations across a broad range of industry sectors in EMEA, NA and APAC regions.

With headquarters in London and offices in several key cities across the region, we are committed to ensuring that organisations have the Cyber Resilience to not only safeguard against today’s most advanced attacks but also comply with industry, local and international regulations.


We Offer Unified Security
To Eliminate The Cyber Risks
You Face

Penetration Testing

With our network penetration testing services, you can quickly
identify and resolve a broad range of vulnerabilities that can affect
the security of your platform.

Web Application Security

Our certified web application security team is all set to
secure your application and prevent any unauthorised
modifications to it.

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance services not only help you stay updated
and compliant with the latest regulations but also assist in cyber
awareness training wherever necessary.

Red Teaming

Get cybersecurity red teaming services at affordable rates from the best minds in the industry. The red team will simulate a real-life threat to your organisation, allowing you to mature your cyber capabilities.

Cyber Essentials

This service from GoAllSecure will impart cyber security awareness
training for employees to better understand common tactics deployed
by malicious actors and lower the risk of being social engineered.

Cloud Security

Get your cloud security posture assessed by our team focusing on various cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure. We are the cloud security services providers who are capable of securing your cloud and container environment from critical cyber threats.

Experience Comprehensive Cyber
Security that Looks Beyond the
Visible Threats!

GoAllSecure offers you cyber resilience with its 360° approach to cybersecurity consulting services and solutions backed by a team of established industry experts. We are better than the rest because we provide both the breadth and depth in our offerings to cater for the evolving threats you face both today and tomorrow.

Why Choose GoAllSecure?

Businesses today are always at risk of being the target of a cyber attack. Cyber threats have become perilous due to the increased volume and sophistication. An alarming fact is that a significant percentage of these risks may go unnoticed or only be discovered too late for an organisation to prevent a data breach or other associated risks. GoAllSecure is here to change that with its top-notch cyber security practices to strengthen your organisation’s security posture and eliminate security control gaps.

Regular Security Assessments

Knowing the strength of your current security controls helps you be prepared for future attacks and makes you aware of required upgrades. Conducting regular security assessments assists you in prioritising actions to strengthen your security posture.

A Solid Incident Management Plan

Having an incident management plan in place in case of a breach can minimise potential harm and facilitate a speedy return to regular operations. Utilise the most recent threat intelligence to plan for and respond to threats proactively.

Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation

Advanced threat detection and remediation are crucial for organisations to strengthen their security posture today. It increases their ability to identify, address, and resolve any security incident quickly.

Employee Training and Education

Empower your employees with appropriate knowledge of cyber security. Proper education and training will enable your employees to identify and prevent attacks. And definitely stop an innocent mistake from costing you millions.


Number of cyber attacks
in a year

1 attack/39 seconds Every 39 seconds, there is a cyber
attack happening

Every day 300,000 new
malware are created

Healthcare remains the top target of
ransomware attacks

40 million+
patients’ healthcare information was
compromised in data breaches

4.1 million

websites are infected with
malware at any given time

97% of all security breaches on websites exploit
WordPress plugins

49 days is the average time it takes
to identify a malware attack

92% of malware was
delivered via email.

IoT malware attacks have seen a staggering 87% increase

3.4 billion

phishing emails are sent daily

The finance industry was the most targeted, accounting for 23.6% of all phishing attacks

52% of brand phishing attempts involved LinkedIn worldwide

4.91 million dollars were lost to phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are responsible for 90% of data breaches

24 billion

passwords were exposed by hackers in a year

80% of confirmed breaches are related to stolen, weak, or reused passwords

A hacker can attempt 2.18 trillion combinations of passwords and usernames in 22 seconds

45 million people rely on password managers to keep track of their passwords

87% people use the same password for multiple accounts


attacks were detected against SMBs

$4.24 million is the average cost of a cyber security incident for a small business

10.9% of the IT budget gets allocated to cyber security

95% of cyber security breaches on SMBs were caused by human error

SMBs are the number one target of data breaches
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More than 100 organizations have relied on
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We’ve helped customers all over the world overcome their data hurdles and grow their business by offering them the
industry’s broadest protection of data types and location.

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The need to stay safe online is rising, especially as more and more of our personal information is being shared online.


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