Mobile Security Services

Mobile apps are taking over the internet, and security is clearly the biggest aspect. With a strong portfolio of mobile application testing and security services for Android and iOS, our team is committed to securing a business model and improving the overall security posture.

Improve an app’s health and get more downloads with a considerable user-friendly experience. Grow a business without any concern by taking the help of top-tier cybersecurity service providers.

Achieve the best version of an app with our focused assessment and penetration that will assess the app and provide the best recommendation from the field experts to ensure the future of the app and business.

Why you should opt for mobile security services

Containing a huge attack surface, applications are a key target for malicious actors, focusing on

  • Data Storage
  • APIs
  • Business Logic
  • Android & iOS specific vulnerabilities 
  • Bypassing common protection mechanisms such as root detection & SSL Pinning

Our mobile app cyber security services include:

Static & Dynamic Analysis focusing on

  • Local data storage
  • Network communication
  • Code hardening
  • Session Management
  • API & Back-end testing
  • Anti-tempering and reverse engineering techniques