Cyber Security Notions That Aren’t Really True

Every field has its fair share of misconceptions attached to it. Cyber security has many such myths that have found a place in the industry. While most of them sound absurd to personnel working in this industry, for an outsider, they might all seem true. What such misinformation does is create a false narrative about the industry that could lead to aggravated trust issues and unnecessary chaos. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will separate the facts from the myths.


Myth #1: Only Big Companies Get Attacked

Many small and medium-sized businesses think they are too insignificant for cyber criminals to target them. The truth is that cyber criminals prey on companies of all sizes. In fact, because small and medium-sized businesses are less likely to have effective cyber security safeguards in place, smaller organisations are frequently viewed by attackers as low-hanging fruit.

This myth that only big companies get attacked can cause companies to be less prepared or completely oblivious to the danger that a cyber attack poses. Statistics show that small and medium-sized businesses are a leading target for cyber attacks. Almost 46% of all cyber breaches are targeted at them.


Myth #2: Cyber Security Is the IT Department’s Responsibility

When we say cyber security is everyone’s responsibility we are serious. It is not just the IT department’s lookout. Employees of any organisation are often the weakest link in the cyber security chain, and cyber criminals exploit this vulnerability through phishing emails and social engineering attacks. That is why all employees should receive cyber security training to help them recognise and avoid cyber threats.

If cyber security tasks are left solely to the IT department, the likelihood of being attacked increases manifold. And the worst part is that they are also not prepared to deal with an attack once it happens. So every organisation should forgo this myth and deploy an experienced cyber security team to protect their businesses.


Myth #3: Anti-virus Software Is Enough

Antivirus software is a crucial part of cyber security, but it does not offer complete protection from all online threats. Antivirus software is solely intended to find and get rid of known infections and viruses. Cyber criminals employ a variety of strategies to get around anti-virus software, including social engineering and zero-day attacks.

This myth that anti-virus software is enough can often lead companies to believe that they are well protected. In reality, they are vulnerable to the attacks, and when they realise it is often too late. There is not a single antivirus software that can claim to provide 100% protection from ever-evolving cyber threats.


Myth #4: Cyber Security Is Very Complicated

It is all right to assume that cyber security can be complicated, but it does not have to be. Strong passwords and multi-factor authentication are only two examples of the many straightforward cyber security precautions. One has to understand that to achieve the maximum level of security all the steps should be followed. Once the base is secured one can keep adding other aspects to strengthen their security posture further.

Cyber security is not just one thing; it is multidimensional and has several checks and balances to be looked at. And an experienced team of cyber specialists can do all that for a business, provided they have the chance to do so.


Myth #5: Cyber Security Is Very Expensive

Some organisations believe that cyber security is too expensive and not worth the investment. However, the cost of a cyber attack can be significantly higher than the cost of implementing cyber security measures. Cyber attacks can result in production downtime, loss of revenue, damage to the organisation’s reputation, and regulatory fines. It is essential to view cyber security as an investment rather than a cost.

If left unchecked or skimmed, a poor cyber security posture could cost a business millions of dollars, with little to no guarantee of getting its reputation and data back safely. So in our expert opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry.


In all honesty, cyber security is a must-have in today’s world. Every organisation’s operations must include cyber security. It will assist organisations in making informed decisions in matters of security. Unfortunately, several cyber security misconceptions still exist, making it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. GoAllSecure can help you recognise these myths and understand the reality of cyber security to protect you and your business against cyber threats.


We believe cyber security is not a one-time thing! With evolving cyber-attacks, you need to constantly update your security posture along with keeping tabs on the functioning of existing measures. It requires regular updates and maintenance to remain effective. And we are well prepared to protect you and your business from cyber attacks. We have a bona fide offensive approach to identifying threats and vulnerabilities to defend you. For more information about us, kindly visit us at or call on +91 85 2723 7851 or +44 20 3290 4885.